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The fastest way to implement your ERP Check out our AVI Path (Accelerated Visual Implementation)

Who We Are

VisualBits may be a new company but don't let that fool you. Our employees have been supporting, implementing and customizing Infor Visual ERP for over 15 years. Whether you need to upgrade your current system to the new Visual 8, cleanup your existing database, or just need a partner to support your staff, we have you covered. In addition, our seasoned applications team can expand your Visual with addons that will truly make your company shine. Drop us a line and find out how we can help you.

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Our Services

Customer Support

We've been supporting Visual since 2001. Need a better support system that compliments Infor's offerings. It's cheaper than you think.

Patch Management

Finding it hard to keep up on patches and upgrades to Visual? Tried the latest patch only to find out it broke as many things as it fixed? Our team fully tests every patch or update thoroughly, infact we've been beta testers of Visual since version 7.1

Costing Exceptions

Finding it hard to deal with your database exceptions. Costing issues can be hard to find, so let us do it for you. We'll get your database clean, even if you have years of unmanaged exceptions. Wouldn't it be nice if you just didn't have to deal with it anymore?

Report Writing

Not sure how to edit a Gupta report? We can do it for you. Need a new report created, chances are we've built it. Contact us to discuss your reporting needs.

After Hours

After Hours? there's no such thing. We realize alot of things can only be done after your staff goes home. We have you covered with a single rate, no matter what time we do the work.

Application Development

Need help getting the most out of your Visual ERP? Feel as if it needs to be brought into the mobile era? Check out our mobile and tablet solutions.

Desktop Application Management

Ever wish you had an msi package for Visual. We've built one for easier deployment to your staff. Keep things up to date with our Visual Updater, a utility that updates your end users automatically.

Database Upgrades

Need to upgrade your database to Visual 7.1 or 8. We can do it for you on our robust servers in many cases within 24 hours. We have scripts to check for issues prior to upgrading so there are no surprises. Just upload your database to us and we'll send it back fully upgraded and patched.

Visual Support Forum

There are a few visual support forums out there but we plan to grow ours to be the best. It's free to sign up and use so spread the word and get the community talking.

Our Blog

Blog is coming soon! Thanks for your patience